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[V.A.] Trojan Rastafari Box Set


False Leaders - Ronnie Davis
Tired Of The System - Winston Jarrett
Back Weh With Your Mix Up - Don Carlos
Jah Jah Rain A Fall - Michael Prophet
Rivers Of Babylon - Ronnie Davis
Oh Oh Natty Dread - Mike Brooks
Save Us Jah - Vernon Buckley
Free Up Rasta - Al Campbell
Free Speech And Movement - The Royals
Nyah Bingi - Jimmy Riley
Dread Locks - Anthony Johnson
Press Along Natty - Cornell Campbell
Never Give Up In A Babylon - Pancho Alphonso
Hold On To Jah - Reggae George
Going The Wrong Way - Al Campbell
Got To Go Home - Ronnie Davis
A Yah Weh Deh - Barrington Levy

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The People Ought To Know - Sugar Minott
Give Thanks - Johnnie Clarke
Jah Jah Give Us Love - Cornell Campbell
Natty Roots Man - Barry Brown
Have Roots In Jah - Michael Palmer
Praise Jah With Love And Affection - Don Carlos
If I Were You - The Royals
This Is A True True Love - Al Campbell
Jah Jah Love Everybody - Barry Brown
Jah Love - Michael Prophet
Praise The Name Of Jah - Johnnie Clarke
Watches Over You - Pancho Alphonso
Jah Praise - The Maytones
Give Thanks And Praise - Barry Brown
So Many Things - Sugar Minott
Peace And Love - The Royals

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The Moment Of Truth - Al Campbell
Jah Oh Jah - The Viceroys
Throw Down Your Arms - The Maytones
Never Get To Zion - Pancho Alphonso
Fight Against Corruption - Cornell Campbell
No Weak Heart (Shall Enter Zion) - Ronnis Davis
Enter The Kingdom Of Zion - Barry Brown
Captivity - Barrington Levy
Lead Us Jah Jah - Barry Brown
Hard Headed Israelites - Jimmy Riley
Wicked A Go Feel It Now - Al Campbell
Evil Doers - Michael Prophet
Jah Jah Fire - Barry Brown
Who Can't Hear Will Feel - The Maytones
Revelation - Barrington Levy
Mash Down Babylon - Winston Jarrett
Armagideon Time - Peter And Paul

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